We are artisans of change.

By turning strong brand narratives into transformational experiences, we captivate and retain the attention of audiences all around Asia. We apply our diverse skills and experiences to the challenge at hand and continually push ourselves to build new brand expressions.

Our Services

We provide a full range of services, ranging from research studies to implementation. Our services are tailored for each project to bring the right combination of experience and creativity.

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  • Market Research and Analysis

    Research analysis and interpretation of data are at the very core of our creative process. We think as we create and we create as we think.

  • Cultural Insights

    Brands are cultural objects. In order to understand the movements that affect them, we continually keep building our own insights into the wide world around us.

  • Consumer Profile

    We use our research and insights to paint a portrait of your ideal consumer. It's not just a 'pretty' picture, but a formidable tool to discover where your brand wants to be.

  • Brand positioning

    Positioning is the alpha and omega of successful branding. It's having enough clarity of mind to stand for a singular idea, even if that sometime means standing on your own. 

  • Brand DNA

    Your DNA is the only thing you cannot change about yourself. Not a dress-code, not an attitude. We help you find, decode and articulate the truth within.

  • Brand Architecture

    A big house needs order and rules. As companies grow in complexity, their sub-brands, divisions and businesses, need a clear map of relationships in order to work together.

  • Customer Journey

    Whether a hotel, a concept store or a gas station, we craft narrative paths and touch-points that help people intuitively navigate within an experience.


  • Naming

    Naming is a delicate and intuitive process. We bring methodology and inspiration to this journey of discovery.

  • Visual identity

    We like the identities we create to be clear and impactful, but always with enough layers to play with so they are not dry or one-dimensional.

  • Brand Voice

    One brand, one voice. Just like we design a visual identity system, we create taglines and key messages that coherently deliver the brand message.

  • Communication Material and Marketing Collateral

    Our team of writers and strategists are working hand-in-hand with our designers to craft pointed and creative communication platforms.

  • Brand Experience

    We create physical and emotional experiences by taking a brand's attributes into the real world, whether it's a retail concept, a champagne lounge or an exceptional event.

  • Showsuite

    Creating a showsuite is an exercise in the art of illusion, imagination and persuasion. We combine brand story, information design and technology to create an immersive environment.

  • Wayfinding and Environmental Graphics

    In addition to being an orientation system, wayfinding is also part of 'place branding'. We often enhance the feeling of spatial identity by designing unique interior features.

  • Museum and Exhibition

    Story telling and information delivery are at the core of institutional and educational galleries, as well as thematic exhibitions that we conceptualise and design.

  • Content and Message Development

    We research information, create narratives and articulate them into coherent and focused messages.


Our multicultural team of thinkers, writers and designers are delivering captivating experiences with a passion for quality and relevance that has been fuelling our work for the past 20 years. Beginning in 1993, when the founders met in Hong Kong, we have always represented cultures, disciplines and ideas coming together to form unique perspectives.


Marc Brulhart, Marc Cansier and Chantal Rechaussat brought their backgrounds in product and graphic design to their first collaborations. Two decades later, the trio are still leading projects that pool their talents and utilise diverse teams of creatives in the Hong Kong and Beijing studios. While we have grown in experience, we have never lost our dedication to exploration and have become the go-to agency in greater China and beyond for creative and challenging commissions.