Hong Kong Science Park

Home to 150 high-technology companies, the Hong Kong Science Park is a science and technology hub covering an area of 330,000 sq. metres in the New Territories. In order to create an environment that is consistently efficient, from its energy-saving construction practices to the navigation for users and visitors in the enormous site, we came up with a strong and comprehensive wayfinding and signage strategy that integrates into the interior space we designed for Phase 3 of the Park.

Croisement Festival

The Croisement festival is the largest French cultural event in the world and the largest of its kind in China, bringing a wide array of French culture to a growing number of cities. Neither highbrow nor populist, the festival’s mission is to bring innovative cultural productions to China’s general public, with an emphasis on the youth audience. We designed the identity of the festival to appeal to diverse groups within China and represent the spirit of the French festival.

Civic Education Resource Centre

On a mission to appeal to the instant-gratification-seeking youth of today, we created a multi-dimensional and layered experience giving the opportunity to teenagers across Hong Kong to step into a die-cut world, teeming with lessons on how to become the best citizen one can be.

Legislative Council Complex

To provide an educational journey for young visitors to the Legislative Council (LegCo) Complex, we used the historical development of the legislature of Hong Kong to give context to the present policies and procedures. Interactive displays on the legislative process give motivation for visitors to be involved in the region’s future.

North Lantau Hospital

The North Lantau Hospital in Hong Kong was built to fulfil the needs of the Tung Chung district and community. The complex organisation of a large hospital often makes it difficult for both staff and users to find their way efficiently, and a hospital is often the scene of great stress. Therefore, we were commissioned to develop a strong wayfinding strategy and signage design for the project.

Hong Kong Police Headquarters

In addition to devising a comprehensive directional routing system, in order to help staff and visitors navigate their way efficiently around the complex, our design brief was extended to incorporate a new interior ‘style guide’ for specific zones of the building. These decorative features were meant to help identify and give personality to areas such as the auditorium, library and public foyer.