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A Full Week at Art Basel!

13 June 2014

Reflection, Discussion and Insight on Art and Travel

The week of Art Basel in Hong Kong was a busy and fruitful one for Marc & Chantal. The action centred around the art installation created for Swire Properties. The culmination of months of designing and preparation, it was an optical maze that brought out the playful side of visitors as they used the reflections and angles to see a different side of their friends and even strangers! See the full description and more photos on the Work page.  The installation also served as the stage for our eighth Le Salon discussion, “Is Art Tourism the Modern Grand Tour?” Zeb Eckert of Bloomberg Television moderated an engaging conversation between art and travel experts as they considered how art and travel can offer the chance for authentic experiences and personal betterment. Watch highlights from the talk in the video on this page. The full video can be found on our Vimeo page here. Finally, with the perspectives gained from our Le Salon preparation and the insider opinions of the speakers, we produced two articles that cover the key issues raised. Technology has seemingly created as many issues as it has solved, but Janice Leung found hope for a conscious use of groundbreaking technology, like augmented reality, when encountering art during travel. And we looked at some of the best examples of cities and hotels using art to distinguish themselves and create one-of-a-kind environments to inhabit and promote culture.

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