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A Laneway Journey in Chengdu for Swire Properties

03 March 2014

To convey the progressive retail environment created at the new Taikoo Li mixed-use development in Chengdu, Swire Properties commissioned a showsuite that shows the unique urban experience to be found in the historic lanes of the site.

The showsuite, opened in 2013, is designed to take visitors through a series of spaces and multimedia content in an artistic interpretation of the interplay of outdoor and indoor spaces found in the development. The interior and graphic design, as well as art direction of the video content, was completed by Marc & Chantal to ensure that the entire visit to the space supported the sales strategy of the development and the Unique Selling Propositions found in the showsuite message.

The project will be published in full after the initial private viewing stage is completed in late 2014.

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