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Adapting Marriott’s Autograph Collection for Asia

03 March 2014

The Autograph Collection, an evolving ensemble of strikingly independent luxury hotels. From near to far, iconic to historic, openly seductive to charmingly secluded, each destination has been curated for its bold originality, rich character and uncommon details.

The task of bringing this successful brand to Asia involved maintaining the original essence of the Autograph Collection, while tailoring specific brand expressions to match the different market conditions.

Using a strong base of research into the boutique hotel market in Asia Pacific, Marc & Chantal distilled the global brand DNA of Autograph into a powerful regional positioning. We then developed a framework for the creation of new Autograph hotels throughout Asia that encourages originality, while fitting into the larger vision for the brand.

With the framework in hand, we are currently working on several exciting new hotels in the collection that will put the brand framework into practice across Asia.

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