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Curating a Peak Experience

09 May 2014

Our latest project took the team on an unusual trail – hiking, rather than walking, down Memory Lane!

In order to lay the groundwork for the branding of a residential property, we took the bold step of branding the location first. The prestige of the Peak is an unparalleled asset and we showed its long-established position at the apex of Hong Kong living with a thoroughly researched display of cultural artifacts, stories and artistic botanical installations.

Conceptualised, curated and designed as a museum grade display, “Anecdotes from The Peak – a walk through the rich heritage and natural beauty of the peak” is a public exhibition commissioned by Wheelock Properties. Marc & Chantal’s concept for the exhibition was to pair botanical research with little known facts of heritage significance to create an original perspective, connecting tales of the past with a living, contemporary natural habitat.

From our initial proposal of the exhibition theme and design concept, we took the lead in organising the research efforts of history experts and naturalists; and enlivening the content with first-hand accounts from residents. We even took to auction sites and history forums to source many of the artefacts on display. The design of the 3,000 sf space, display cases, furniture, printed materials and overall art direction of the show were done in-house by the multi-disciplinary team. To complete the integrated experience, we storyboarded, directed and helped to edit the videos bringing the Peak to life.

Open to the public for the month of May 2014, visitors will find interesting tidbits such as which governor was involved in a fierce umbrella battle and how a camel came to be a regular commuter to and from the top the Peak before the advent of the Peak Tram! More information can be found at the exhibition website: http://www.anecdotesfromthepeak.com/

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