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Designers Come in All Sizes!

24 September 2013

When we came up with the idea to use a menagerie of animals in our identity strategy and signage design for the Centre of Excellence in Paediatrics, we knew that the best source of inspiration might come from a much younger age group.  

So we gathered a group of energetic and creative kids, gave them art supplies and set them loose on their task – to draw the kinds of animals that they’d like to share with their peers to cheer them up. With a few hours of creative freedom and snacks to fuel the work, the group came up with incredibly unique drawings! These were collected by our team after the session and are going to be used as inspiration for the artwork, signs and other interior features in the hospital.

We loved working with the kids. This session has enabled us to make more relevant designs for the hospital users and has given the operator a great batch of content to be used in the lead up to the opening of the hospital. It is situated in the new Kai Tak Development Area in Hong Kong and scheduled to come into service in 2018.

Check out the video to see how our young designers let their imaginations flow!

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