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Follow the H.A.N.D.S

15 August 2014

In order to bring energy and liveliness to two connected commercial complexes in Tuen Mun, we developed a playful visual identity that complemented the wayfinding system we put in place.

Drawing inspiration from the buildings’ mirrored plan and the need for an effective wayfinding strategy, we developed an approachable and friendly icon system that extended far past the logo. The continuous line drawing runs through the building, bringing the identity to life while providing intuitive directional guidance.

In order to ensure the visitors would not get confused by the unusual and disorientating symmetrical aspect of the site, we themed each side with a contrasting colour palette and organised the overall development into 5 zones, giving each a letter of the word H.A.N.D.S to increase the name recognition.

The new identity was implemented through a comprehensive signage system to help visitors easily navigate the entire site. The graphic language allowed for a seamless brand experience, from physical environment to digital and online applications.

The impact of the new identity was maximised with bold façade supergraphics and interior wall graphics in which we mixed playful messages with pertinent navigation cues.
The architectural integration of the two complexes was graphically enhanced to reinforce the message of a new single shopping experience.

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