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Glass Art Installation Finds a Home in Guangzhou

24 November 2014

After a successful instalment at the 2014 Art Basel in Hong Kong for Swire Properties, the coloured optical maze has been re-installed in the office lobby of TaiKoo Hui.

We worked closely with Swire Properties during the creation of their VIP Lounge installation at the prestigious art show to ensure that the sculptural work would have a long-term life beyond the week-long event. True to the concept, the 2.4 meter panels, made of coloured glass and mirror, were set up at their new environment in the lobby of the TaiKoo Hui Tower One in Guangzhou. Just as in Art Basel, the installation will reveal subtle changes with the time of day, weather and most importantly, the people interacting with it. As viewers watch along the yellow stripes, they will come face to face with other viewers and passersby in a visual maze of reflections. The artwork is meant to bring people together and in its new location, it does just that.

See more about the installation on our project page, here.

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