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Launching the Zhongwei Hotels brands in China

15 January 2014

Headquartered in Kunming, capital of the Yunnan province, the Zhongwei Hotel Group holds a vast portfolio of more than 150 hotels across China.

On a mission to maximise and elevate the value of their assets, Zhongwei turned to the expertise and experience of Marc & Chantal to rethink and redesign their brand. The project was comprised of a full range of branding services such as positioning, brand DNA, brand story, naming and brand identity. We rebranded the group itself and created new categories of hotels in order to capture the emerging opportunities in the fast-moving hospitality market.

The business hotel category that comprises the majority of the 150 hotels currently in the portfolio retains the name of the group itself: Zhongwei, while three lifestyle categories were created under the common name of Wei: Wei Essence, the luxury category; Wei Select, the boutique category; and Wei Casa, the comfort category.

The natural hospitality of Yunnan was the inspiration for the brand identity design. We combined the Zhong character, symbol of China, together with a Chinese knot, symbol of bonding and hospitality, and a leaf symbolizing the plentiful nature of Yunnan. This nod to tradition fit the mother brand and the core business category, which are aimed at a traditional Chinese guest. The identity took on a more abstract and youthful form as it was applied to the three lifestyle’s categories targeting a more progressive audience.

The project is a landmark for Marc & Chantal as we strive to help build Chinese national brands and act as a connector between the Western and Chinese approach to brand building. Our Beijing office led the development, bringing in its understanding and sensitivity toward the Chinese culture and market characteristics. It was also a great partnership and collaboration between Marc & Chantal and CT Planning, the hotel consultancy behind such successes as the Puli Hotel in Shanghai.

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