GT Land

As a property conglomerate operating in China, GT Land came to us to help them rethink their brand model and take full advantage of the 020 platforms they were in the process of building.

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The challenge

As consultant, we first help GT Land in the process of restructuring their business offerings, drawing synergies and rationalizing the existing brands and services in order to build a new O2O platform that would become their flagship brand in China.

Our Approach

It was decided to convert one of their existing brand, GT Mall, into a new lifestyle destination, aimed at the emerging Chinese middle-class. The brand will be accessible and act as a community hub, where the audience could fulfill a full range of daily needs and social functions.

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- Vision and branding -
Combining shopping, entertainment, parks, education, medical care and charity, the new platform aims at creating destinations that respond to people’s pursuit for an ideal life. We translated this brand vision into the name “Utopa”, originated from the word “Utopia”.

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- Brand message -
The values of networking and joy that run intrinsically through the brand were represented visually by connected smiles in the logo. The overall identity we devised was fluid, friendly and lively.

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