Hong Kong Police Headquarters

Wayfinding and environmental graphics for Hong Kong Police Force

In addition to devising a comprehensive directional routing system, in order to help staff and visitors navigate their way efficiently around the complex, our design brief was extended to incorporate a new interior ‘style guide’ for specific zones of the building. These decorative features were meant to help identify and give personality to areas such as the auditorium, library and public foyer.

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The challenge

The challenge was to design a wayfinding system that blends with the architecture, yet stands out sufficiently to deliver immediate and accurate information to visitors. The brief also required that we give an Asian identity to the building, but in a very subtle and modern way.

Our Approach

The design concept drew on the minimal and transparent architecture of the Police Headquarters to provide a clear and distinctive navigation system. We softened this apparent austerity with the use of an organic overlay inspired by the bamboo and its symbolic meaning of integrity in Chinese culture.

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We constructed a signage infrastructure based on geometric columns of layered glass, tied together by a solid blue vertical stripe. The system is discreet, while emphasising the pertinent information that needs to be communicated.

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Bamboo stems, inspired by the atrium landscaping, were reinterpreted into a digitised mosaic pattern. The resulting abstract pattern functions as an engaging visual language to organise the signage information – in this case, a simple grid of square bullets denoting floor numbers, location maps and directories.

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A simple supergraphic of random numerals and letters was applied to a double-layered glass partition. The superimposed imagery creates a shifting mural as users walk past.