Hong Kong Science Park

Wayfinding and Interior Design for Simon Kwan & Associates

Home to 150 high-technology companies, the Hong Kong Science Park is a science and technology hub covering an area of 330,000 sq. metres in the New Territories. In order to create an environment that is consistently efficient, from its energy-saving construction practices to the navigation for users and visitors in the enormous site, we came up with a strong and comprehensive wayfinding and signage strategy that integrates into the interior space we designed for Phase 3 of the Park.

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The challenge

With a complex encompassing more than 20 interconnected buildings, all with multiple entry and exit points, it was crucial to develop an intuitive routing strategy for users and visitors so that they would not be disoriented. Our challenge was to devise a wayfinding system that is distinct enough to provide immediate and reliable directional guidance, yet blends with the interior design of public areas that we created.

Our Approach

Drawing inspiration from the architectural concept of crystalline structures, faceted vertical lines were employed as the common visual language for our wayfinding and interior design. We designed a wayfinding strategy which created intuitive cues in the interior design to help visitors find their way more easily. Signage was built into the walls themselves and became part of the building environment.

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The Hong Kong Science Park consists of three phases - Phase 1 is located in the East, while Phase 2 and 3 are in the West. The design brief required us to design interior spaces as well as the wayfinding system in Phase 3 according to the assigned colour coding. Since the wayfinding design would be applied to the whole site, it was necessary to analyse the complex routing system of the entire Science Park.

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We developed a holistic wayfinding system that extended from interior directories and toilet signs to the exterior walls in the carpark. The logical and discreet graphic system was easy to implement and designed to grow over the years.

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The visual language was implemented in various applications. Complex directional information was communicated through layered glass on the panels, highlighting the location of the designated area in relation to the other floors and pathways.

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To ensure that the signage and interior space relate to the architecture, we worked with the architects to merge our design with the thematic concept for the buildings. Referencing the structure of crystals, we constructed a signage infrastructure with multi-faceted stone feature walls that reveal coloured stripes at a certain angle, giving visitors an intuitive sense of direction.

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Bound together by a unified visual language of stripes and vertical lines, the complementary signage design was fully integrated into the interior space we created.

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The Green Trail is a special feature that introduces the sustainable building features of the Phase 3 development to the public, promoting an eco-friendly culture and suggesting ideas for green living. Designated panels were set up along the educational path to deliver relevant information and aid navigation around the outdoor area.