Legislative Council Complex

Education facilities & lobby feature wall for LegCo

To provide an educational journey for young visitors to the Legislative Council (LegCo) Complex, we used the historical development of the legislature of Hong Kong to give context to the present policies and procedures. Interactive displays on the legislative process give motivation for visitors to be involved in the region’s future.

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The challenge

In the design of the Educational Facilities at the LegCo, we were tasked with a challenging list of goals. Spread throughout various floors of the complex, the facilities included multiple educational exhibits, as well as a major feature wall in the ground floor atrium. Underlying all of the specific requirements was the over arching need to inspire, inform and motivate visitors of all ages and experiences while they learn about the workings of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council.

Our Approach

The intricacies of parliamentary process can often be complex, particularly to young members of society. To demystify the subject at hand, we focused on explaining the functions and roles of LegCo in an approachable and interactive manner. We ensured a seamless narrative of discovery ran throughout the design of the exhibits by making the materials and details complement Rocco Architects’ design for the building.

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To make Hong Kong’s Legislative history springs to life, we researched and collected a series of objects on ‘Memory Lane’, such as historical photographs, memorabilia items and commissioned replica documents and artefacts.

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As a fun way to tie the experience together, visitors may take their own photo to print out and add to their bright yellow LegCo Handbook - a journal we designed to give to each young visitor upon arrival to document his or her personal experience.

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A Viewing Gallery, offering a panoramic view of the spectacular Victoria Harbour and Kowloon Peninsula, surrounds the outer ring of the Council Chamber. We transformed a section of the wall on either side of the Viewing Gallery into a lenticular display in which an old image of Hong Kong is juxtaposed with a current one to show the transformation of the skyline over the years.

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For the youngest of citizens, the Children’s Corner is an educational activity room, which provides children with a sunny introduction to the Legislature. In addition to the interior fittings, the team developed a series of educational games, such as The Voting Tree - an over-sized magnetic tree – allowing the children to experience and understand the concept of voting and passing laws.

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The games also included The House of Cards, a stackable card game where students learn various terminology used within LegCo.

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The iconic feature wall in the ground floor atrium is the perfect backdrop for group photos and a dramatic element that references the dynamic Hong Kong skyline. The spirit of the city is evident in the strong vertical fins reaching upward towards the sky. Natural wood surfaces and a varied visual pattern humanise the 6-meter high display and create a memorable graphic identity for the LegCo lobby.