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A lifestyle destination by creatives, for creatives

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Interior photography shared by RYSE, Autograph Collection.

A beacon of creativity

RYSE is more than a hotel; it is an attitude, a statement, a vision. Born in Korea, the brand encapsulates the creative energy of the Hongdae district in Seoul. Often loosely compared to Shoreditch in London or Brooklyn in New York, Hongdae is a creative hub and the epicentre of the Korean pop culture that is so prevalent around the world today.

A sense of origin

Following the vision of Aju Hotel team, we embarked on a 4-year long journey to bring the icon to life which RYSE has become. Our approach was both contextual and conceptual. The context is the neighbourhood itself and the infinite layers of popular and street culture accumulated here over the decades. The concept is to make RYSE a home for the creative globetrotting community. The brand was built from the start-up with a strong sense of origin and a purpose to be shared universally.

RYSE is both a reflection of Hongdae and a beacon meant to broadcast its energy to the rest of the planet. See below a short video of our first impressions walking the street of the neighbourhood.

"What's in a name?"

Turn out, everything is in a name. Over the years we amassed a vast amount of experience and knowledge in naming process, to the point of finally thoroughly enjoying it. We share the joy with our client and came out on the other side with a name that epitomised all we wanted to stand for. Like 2Pac’s “Rose that grew from concrete”, the name rose toward us after months of hard work.

A bold mark

The simple and bold logo mark let the name speaks for itself. Inside the hotel, the brand system is kept to black, silver and pink. Outside, it is layered, vibrant and taking a life of its own.

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We conceived RYSE as a full lifestyle brand rather than "just" a hotel brand. Through the collection of hip hotel uniforms and desirable hoody bathrobe, designed by Seoul-based IISE, the branding is applied as in a fashion label.

For the signage, we went the extra mile(s) and had our very own design team fly to Seoul and spent a week hand-painting a series of different brushstroke pattern for each floor. This is the first thing that the guest would see when they check into their rooms. This is one of the most photographed and shared touchpoints in the hotel.

RYSE was most definitely not built in a day. In fact, it was born out of years of hard work and dedication by numerous visionaries from around the world. So take a minute to check them out!

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