Retail, Dining and Entertainment at West Kowloon Cultural District


“We are excited to announce that we have been working with the West Kowloon Cultural District on the Retail, Dining and Entertainment (RDE) element of the site.”

The cultural district will be made up of several impressive zones and structures, and we were commissioned to cultivate a framework that would ensure all these components tie together seamlessly. We imagine RDE as a stream of lifestyle activities, irrigating the cultural district; a strong component that will allow main attractions like the Xiqu Centre and M+ Museum to thrive individually, whilst forming a cohesive connection between them. We believe that this will pave the way to creating a lifestyle destination that will continue to attract local and international visitors.

Staying true to the vision of the WKCD as a place for growth and collaboration between creative industries, we developed an extensive leasing strategy to help determine the brands that will be featured.

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