Stellar Dining Series – A Feast with The Ritz-Carlton

Photography by Studio Oooze | Video production by BRANDBEAT | Website development by Mediatropy

“Earlier this year, our long-standing client Marriott International approached us with an ambitious task to create a one-of-a-kind brand experience for a series of fine dining events across The Ritz-Carlton hotels in the Asia Pacific region.”

With the support of one of the world’s most luxurious hotels and a Michelin star-studded list of participating chefs, the concept of the Stellar Dining Series came to us naturally. We pictured an experience that would fully immerse guests into The Ritz-Carlton galaxy, where their team of renowned star chefs are highlighted and compared to dazzling constellations in the sky. Launching into the details of each and every touchpoint, we constructed an extensive customer journey map and set of graphics that would ensure a holistic and unforgettable experience.

Working with creative partners on developing the captivating key visuals, brand video and website, the Stellar Dining Series is literally a feast for all senses.

The Stellar Dining Series will orbit through four cities in the month of November; so don’t miss the chance to witness these cosmic collaborations!

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