Utopa – Branding An Integrated Business Platform in China


“GT Land engaged Marc & Chantal to rethink and restructure their entire brand portfolio as they planned to expand their business and elevate the image of their existing commercial assets.”

As part of the full range of branding services, we formulated the brand definition of Utopa and helped position its future offerings for the competitive domestic Chinese consumer market.

Building on the success of a rapidly growing business model that has thrived through strong leadership and innovative strategies, Utopa transformed from a conventional retail complex, previously called GT Mall, into an integrated O2O community of neighborhood hubs and engagement centres that offer retail and social functions. At its core, Utopa encourages its customers to gather, connect and share happiness.

Working hand in hand with the senior management of GT Land, we developed an approach in which the company vision is kept at the centre of the brand and communicated clearly to consumers, staff and partners. A detailed brand guideline was drawn up after rounds of workshops and market research, defining the brand’s DNA, mission, vision, visual identity system and applications.

Combining shopping, entertainment, parks, education, medical care and charity, Utopa aims at creating destinations that respond to people’s pursuit for an ideal life. We translated this brand vision into the name “Utopa”, originated from the word “Utopia” that refers to the ideal society in human ideology. The values of networking and joy that run intrinsically through the brand were represented visually by connected smiles in the logo. The overall identity we devised was fluid, friendly and lively.

In this project, we were able to contribute early in the process and collaborated closely with GT Land on a branding exercise that conversely helped streamline the business structure. It is a pleasure to be entrusted by the client with the on-going development of their future brands. We are currently working on the visual identity of Utopa’s major product lines and its showsuite.

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