Swire Citygate Outlets Showsuite

Spatial Strategy & Design

  • Content & Message Development/
  • Interactive & multi-media storyboarding/
  • Market & Cultural Highlights/
  • Placemaking Strategy/
  • Production Coordination/
  • Showsuite Strategy & Design/
  • Spatial Narratives/
  • Technical Development/
  • Visiting Journey/
  • Commercial/
  • Property/
  • Retail/

Beyond the attributes

With other retail developments planned in the vicinity, the need to portray more than the project’s physical characteristics was evident. Our first challenge was to identify what could become a compelling differentiating factor. We felt that the location of the project as the gate to south Lantau was a strong communication point, and decided to build upon this aspect.

Destination discovery

Designed to present phase II extension of the retail complex, the showsuite showcases the multifaceted quality of the new development, as well as reinforces Citygate’s image as Hong Kong’s primary outlet destination. The design is immersive, with a multi-sensory approach to storytelling taking visitors on an experiential journey to south Lantau. Citygate Outlets is positioned as a magical location, a kaleidoscopic world of discovery.

Digital journey

Motion graphics direct visitors’ attention from one show to another. A scaled Lantau island model is brought to life with projection mapping against a panoramic display, allowing project specifics to be revealed throughout the show, and highlighting the site’s advantages in context of its location.

We designed an experience that draws on Citygate’s unique advantages, its connection to the city and unrivalled proximity to south Lantau’s natural environment.

An interactive media installation introduces visitors to the retail environment. Motion graphics are synchronised with lighting and other architectural features in the kinetic architectural model. Next, a lounge area provides a relaxed and comfortable setting for further discussion and negotiations.

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