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A well kept Tuscan secret

Nestled in a peninsula on the southern coast of Tuscany’s Maremma, Argentario Golf and Wellness resort stands testament to the Orsini family’s passion for competitive golf, paired with an authentic love of nature. Italy’s only PGA certified golf course, the resort provides avid golfers an unparalleled experience, while the wellness program caters to every aspect of wellbeing; the mind, the body, the land and its inhabitants. 

Unveiling true potential

Our biggest endeavour was to reveal the hidden charm that the existing brand did not convey, despite the experience on-site. Our task, through the rebranding exercise, was to flesh out the brand’s true potential and breathe life into its expression.  

Branding as soul searching

From the outset, we embarked on an extensive research journey, delving deep into the essence of the location and the core values of the business. At the very heart of their project, we unearthed a profound and unyielding passion for the natural environment, fostering a deep sense of care and protection going back two generations. This exploration laid the groundwork for the development of the brand vision as we translated the resort’s authentic commitment into a compelling narrative.

We made it our mission to capture the owner's unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and position it as a cornerstone of the brand's identity.

Bringing the narrative to life

The Maremma, with its breath-taking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, provided the perfect canvas for the creative interpretation of the strategy. The visual identity draws from the wilderness that surrounds the pristine golf course, inspiring the hand drawn illustrations of rare birds, shy deer, and other wild creatures observed casually sharing their habitat with the golfers. The team worked on every aspect of the guest journey, from creative direction for interior design, experience activation concepts, to visual identity, wayfinding, and communication. Our aim was to enhance the sense of primal, almost biblical innocence that the harmony between man and nature suggests, and to inspire guests to naturally adopt a respectful attitude towards their exceptional surroundings.

These artistic depictions invite guest to a world where nature takes centre stage as the ultimate host.

As part of the branding exercise, we helped creatively communicate the resort owners’ many commendable initiatives

Reaping the rewards

As part of the branding, we contributed to a program designed to creatively communicate their many commendable initiatives, from caring for local wildlife to reviving an ancient native crop in order to supply the resort’s kitchen with its own flour for bread and pasta making.

These initiatives are now integrated into meaningful touchpoints within the guest experience. In turn, guests who share their enjoyment of their stay and interactions on social media, contribute to generate interest in the Argentario name.

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