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Photos Courtesy: Guy Bertrand

Purposeful branding at the forefront

After our successful revitalisation project with Tai Kwun, the team at Central Market approached us to re-think the purpose of this well known part of Hong Kong’s history. We feel especially proud to be part of this adventure, shaping the modern landscape of our beloved city.

The iconic heart of Hong Kong

As an iconic landmark in Hong Kong, it was important for us to bring back to life Central Market as a social gathering venue, where visitors could enjoy activities together as a community. By paying tribute to the past and combining all the social activities under one roof, we celebrate and elevate this community centre with a modern take.

80 years of Central Market

Central Market joins our long list of revitalisation projects around the world. Bearing in mind the previous generations who have had Central Market as a key part of their childhood, we carefully fashioned the placemaking strategy and visual identity to reflect in the story.

An architectural identity

Our identity was inspired by the visual similarities between Central Market’s windows and the Chinese calligraphic grid. The main expression of the brand is therefore an interpretation that plays with both a linear and modular visual pattern, functional and adaptable.

Personifying the Central Market

We chose a few key words to reflect the placemaking aspects that we wanted the market to embody: a cheerful and energetic environment, full of good vibes and packed with action. Central Market has always drawn its strength from the interactions with its visitors and tenants, to create a constant renewable and gregarious presence.

Our geometrical framing grid system was shared with and implemented by various contributors to create a consistent design experience. With a cheerful pink tone inspired by old market leaflets, and playful illustrations harking back to its street market days, we imbue a sense of vibrancy and energy within Central Market.

A modular system

We created a flexible, modular pattern that can be scaled, with the logo fitting in at any size. As Central Market continues to thrive as a destination, the timeless visual system will be able to adapt to different formats as needed.

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