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The essence of a neighbourhood

We were appointed by Marriott International to brand their Tribute Portfolio hotel in Kyoto. Inspired by the neighbourhood, with its local boutiques and authentic workshops, we created the concept of ‘Kyoto around the Corner’, infused with the spirit of the area.

A sense of place

We created a brand identity which would resonate with international guests as well as locals. Deeply rooted in the mother brand’s essence, the visual identity is all about the hotel’s book as an invitation for guests to embark on a journey through the tales of Kyoto. One of only two Tribute Portfolios in Japan, Hiyori Chapter Kyoto is an homage to the surrounding neighbourhood, in close proximity to the Kawaramachi-dori streets and the Kamo River.

Through site visits, workshops with the client and desk research, we mapped out the context in which the hotel was evolving. For conscious and curious-minded Millennials seeking enrichment, our hotel is curated based on the values of well-being, inspiration and creativity. As an hotel located in the heart of Nijo, the new brand is captured as an immersive cultural base in dialogue with the historic and rich beauty of its surroundings. Craft your own story and live like a local. Kyoto is just around the corner.

By taking into consideration the cultural context, the icon and the typography are minimalist, simple and elegant, embracing Japanese aesthetics and the clean lines of the guest rooms. Our logo embodies the name of the hotel; it’s an open book, an invitation, with one chapter highlighted. Our team was inspired by the flying book chapters of Hokusai, and designed a pattern that is implemented throughout the Hotel collateral and amenities.

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