East Side Living: Branding for Waterfront Suites

Photography by Common Studio | Interior Styling by Esther van Wijck | Website development by ZIZSOFT Limited

“As the first service residence under Lanson Place Hospitality’s portfolio to target a younger demographic, we were asked to create a brand that would answer the ongoing pursuit of a well-balanced lifestyle.”

Located at the heart of the relaxed East Side neighbourhood stretching from Sai Wan Ho to Shau Kei Wan, Waterfront Suites is the ideal place for young professionals in the city who are keen to experience a different way of living. Featuring an unparalleled view of the water and the essential facilities to support a healthy lifestyle, our team quickly embraced the natural charm of Waterfront Suites into our brand strategy and design development. From creating a fresh and simple identity system to collaborating with talented partners to develop the website and key visuals, we ensured that the brand stayed true to its wellness-driven positioning at each touchpoint. Be sure to check out Waterfront Suites as well as its extensive guide to exploring the East Side neighbourhood!