The Hari – A New Chapter for the Harilela Hotel Group


“After nearly six decades developing and managing hotels, the Harilela Group has crystallized their legacy of hospitality in their own hotel brand, The Hari.”

Opened in September 2016, ‘The Hari’ in London’s Belgravia is the first in a family of unique hotels named in honour of the founder of the Harilela Group, Hari Harilela.

To ensure that The Hari represents the values that his family holds dear, the groups’ current Chairman and CEO Aron Harilela commissioned Marc & Chantal to shape a uniquely personal brand.

The Hari is likewise a unique project for Marc & Chantal; this is the first time we have been inspired to base a brand around a personality. To us, it was intuitive to define the brand with attributes that Aron himself radiated: warmth, elegance, wit and charm.

At a time when most new brands want to engage in a conversation with millennials, The Hari is intended to transcend generations. Not unlike one of Aron’s famed parties where old and young, from all walks of life, would sit at the same table, The Hari is an inclusive experience.

Mirroring the hospitality that runs in the Harilela family’s blood, impeccable service will be a defining feature of The Hari. The hotel experience will be crafted around Aron’s singular perspective of every city where The Hari will open its doors.

Marc and Chantal is currently working on the branding of The Hari’s contemporary Italian restaurant, scheduled to open early 2017. Hong Kong will be the next destination for the Hari, to launch in 2019. More details on this exciting hotel brand will be coming soon!