Combining Brand Personality and Wayfinding


“The essential function of signs in a space is to make it easy to find your way and be informed, but signs convey much more than objective information. As brand consultants and designers, we believe that wayfinding can tell a compelling story about the space.”

Orientation is based on immediate sensation and memory of past experiences, which combine in your mind to interpret information and guide actions. While arrows, symbols and navigation cues aid your logical thinking process, the feeling you have in the physical environment works on the motivational and emotional level as you navigate.

Feeling confident and orientated in a space isn’t only about logic, but also relies on emotions and motivations.

Emotions can have a powerful impact on memory – through which we interpret and experience a place. The distinct, continuous line-drawing that we created for the H.A.N.D.S mall flows through the entire mall, bringing the brand to life and constructing a playful spatial narrative that people remember. Wayfinding here goes far beyond helping visitors find their way – it works to make places memorable.

From entry to exit, we creatively partner with Link, the architects at AGC and many other consultants in creating and communicating the new identity of the H.A.N.D.S mall. To deliver a solution that worked as well as it looked, we conducted extensive site visits to analyse the context and the users of the mall.

In our placebranding projects we take a joint approach, with all consultants and stakeholders working together at the beginning of the project to create engaging spatial experiences. By collaborating at an early stage, wayfinding crosses over into many other aspects such as branding, advertising, security and has a symbiotic relationship with the architecture. With this strategy, wayfinding can turn the space into a memorable narrative.

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