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Personifying the new Chongqing

Following the completion of the Raffles City Chongqing retail showsuite, our team was appointed to develop a new experience, this time focused on the residential portion of the complex.

A narrative was needed, in order to facilitate the emotional connection between potential buyers and the bold new architectural environment. We aimed to create simple, direct messages, supported by a lively and memorable experience to showcase the local culture, and to promote the life style promise brought by Raffles City Chongqing.

‘Prism’ location

We were keen to anchor the concept in the most valuable attributes of the development, those that give the project its shining, beacon-like image. We naturally took inspiration from The Crystal, the signature feature of the development, world’s tallest ‘horizontal skyscraper’, and host to the residents’ conservatory-style clubhouse.  Building on the theme of a crystalline structure, we structured the narrative around the passage of light through a prism. The design takes guests on a journey through ‘Natural Light’ presenting Chongqing landscape, ‘Refraction’ illustrating the attributes of the project, and ‘Dispersion of Colours’, the lifestyle spectrum on which visitors can project themselves.

An enveloping light projection greets the guests as they come through from the entrance. Following an introduction video, the side projection fades out to let in light from the next zone ‘Refraction’ project its pattern onto the Chongqing landscape.

A composition of video projection and lighting effects create an immersive ‘Natural Light’ greeting experience. Light beaming through one side of the space at the end of the introductory video signals the transition to the next zone.

‘Refraction of Prism’ introduces the development’s architectural model against a skyline projection in a dramatic setting of faceted surfaces. This treatment extends to the next room where visitors access interactive stations introducing project specifics.

The sequence ends with the roller blinds automatically retracting to reveal the iconic view onto the confluence of the Yantze and Jialing river.

A series of bright, airy and elegant gathering and meeting spaces allow for further discussion before guests are invited to proceed to The Crystal via a dedicated lift lobby.

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