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A tangible difference

Renaissance Hotels is all about discovering the different tastes and flavours of each travel destination. In a world where the VIPs of every brand are constantly being bombarded with digital marketing campaigns and offers, we were tasked with creating a beautifully crafted analogue gift that would hopefully resonate and form a connection with its users.

Tongue teasers

To capture the essence of 20 major Asian cities, we created a cocktail book as a gift to Renaissance Hotel’s VIP customers. We began with a collaborative copywriting experiment, gathering with the help of an expert mixologist a ‘library’ of sensory vocable inspired by the cocktail recipes included in the book. Each recipe corresponds to the unique characteristics of an Asian city. By fusing together language and taste, we created a journey of discovery within the book itself.

'Shaking up’ playfully refers both to the act of mixing a cocktail, and doing things in unconventional ways. This is reflected graphically through details such as the repeated circles and discreet dotted mark, each symbolising one of the 20 cities.

Renaissance Hotels having partnered with alcohol producer Pernod Ricard on the project, some of their major liquor brands were featured in the recipes.

Rather than adopting a highly polished style for the images, we art directed the photoshoot towards a more natural feel and showcased the preparation process and making-of. This imagery intended to encourage readers to try out the recipes in their own style.

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