il Pampero

Brand Strategy & Design

Brand Identity for The Hari London's Italian Restaurant

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Interior Photos by Harilela Group

A taste for new traditions

The Hari Hotel London presents guests with a luxurious and intimate experience right in the heart of Belgravia. Our vision for the hotel is one that transcends generations, as reflected in its traditional, yet quirky brand identity. As part of the branding for The Hari, we were asked to create a distinct visual identity for the Italian fine dining restaurant that features familiar favourites with contemporary flair.

A warm welcome

Set to open in the same spot as the former owners’ restaurant, it was vital that Il Pampero expressed a distinct personality that would not be overshadowed by its predecessors. We also wanted to remove the formality often associated with hotel restaurants in order to encourage patrons to venture into the establishment.

Signature style

We envisioned a brand that would complement The Hari, and preserved the gold accents from the visual identity of the hotel, in order to create a visual link between the two. To bring a sense of familiarity and spontaneity to the brand, we experimented with various styles of handwriting for Il Pampero’s logo.

By interpreting components of the new restaurant’s interior into our concept, we found a delicate balance between tradition and modernity. A combination of the gold lettering and buttery leather of the collateral adds to the classic, cultured atmosphere of the restaurant.

È bello

The signature deep blue hue of the The Hari was replaced with a dark green for Il Pampero, creating a cosy and comfortable environment for guests. Taking inspiration from the beautifully lit central bar and interior details, we introduced white marble paper and brass elements into the restaurant collaterals.

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