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Creating a cheerful wedding brand for Holiday Inn

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All About Me

The journey through the preparation of a perfect wedding experience can be particularly stressful to the young couples in Asia. The social and family pressure is daunting and the soon-to-be married often feel expected to perform for the guests with not much space left for their own enjoyment.

We created the MerryMe wedding brand for those young couples ready to challenge tradition and reclaim the joy of the most perfect day.

Bringing Happy Back

The promise of the brand was directly embedded within the tongue-in-cheek name and tagline: MERRYME – Happily Ever Matters!

It promotes a sense of joyful individuality and carries a relaxed attitude toward the whole wedding celebration experience.

A conversation starter

Positioned as an approachable alternative, we stayed far away from the typical codes of luxury and built a visual identity that highlights the conversational tone of the brand. The graphic language is kept bold and minimal, leaving ample room to the cheeky copywriting and messaging.

Ultimately, MERRYME promises a wedding day that is all about the couple and the creation of fun-filled memories with their loved ones. The brand has launched in three major Holiday Inn hotels across Asia, in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok.

The brand is engaging and conversational. A series of animated key messages were developed to be easily shared on digital platforms and social media.

Leave the fun to us

Our team developed the creative concept for the campaign, sketching each key visual and storyboarding three short videos that were produced in collaboration local production studio The Light Particles. These assets were used across all communications platforms.

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