Swire Properties – Structuring a Site


“At Marc & Chantal, we might be mostly known for our public-facing projects, such as Swire Hotels’ Opposite House in Beijing, East hotel and the newly launched Hari Hotel in Hong Kong and such landmarks as the Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts brand, but we are also keenly involved with corporate level projects for such long standing client as Swire Properties.”

With more than 20 years of continuous work with Swire Properties, we were glad to embark last year on the very serious work of revamping and revitalising their corporate website.

With the aims of improving visitor experience as well as increasing website traffic, we leveraged their “Creative Transformation” theme to express the overarching progressive vision of the company.

Working hand-in-hand with digital agency Tekcent, our mission was to masterplan the overall architecture of the site and structure of messaging, while raising the prominence of Swire Property long-standing commitment to supporting art and culture.

Overall, we were able to transform the corporate website to a clear reflection of the evolutionary brand of Swire Properties.