Tin Shui Wai Hospital – Beyond Wayfinding


“With the aim to serve the growing local community in and around Yuen Long and Tuen Mun, the Tin Shui Wai Hospital opened its doors to the public in early 2017. Marc & Chantal was asked to devise a wayfinding strategy that would integrate seamlessly with the newly built structure, and began collaborating with the architects during the early development stage.”

The primary objective was to create a clear and accurate wayfinding strategy, which will enable the staff, patients and visitors to reach their destinations efficiently. The strict brief for this project emphasized how crucial it was for the signage and other accompanying elements to be informative. However, because hospitals are often dull and sterile, we also wanted to find ways to create a comfortable and positive environment – especially for those who will spend long hours in the space.

As the Tin Shui Wai Hospital is a public facility, we felt that it should speak to the community and its surrounding environment. Our desire to create a cohesive experience led us to think about other aspects of the space that users would come into contact with. Through this holistic approach, we found opportunities to go beyond simple wayfinding.

Users are greeted with feature walls as they step out of the elevator on each floor. The colors used correspond with the colors assigned to the department that is located on that level, and the motifs borrow from the Hong Kong Wetland Park nearby. Similarly, all signage in the Tin Shui Wai Hospital reflect the color of the department that it leads towards. The bold tracks on the floor are a practical detail, and reduce the chance of users finding themselves lost amongst the many rooms and corridors.

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