PASSAGE by the Panama Canal

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East goes West

In 2021, we embarked on our inaugural project in Central America, developing a brand for a new residential development on Panama City’s west side. Standing proudly at the entrance of the historic Panama Canal, the property boasts breath-taking panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. As a joint venture between Panama City-based Grupo Eleta and a Hong Kong-based investor, the project became a landmark, showcasing the fusion of local expertise and international vision.

Fusion branding

Informed by their research on local history and target customer profiles, our team envisioned a brand seamlessly blending water-centric living with cultural vibrancy and international luxury appeal. Situated between Casco Viejo and Amador, the project offers an ideal location near the city’s best dining, nightlife, and attractions.

From Local Roots to Global Heights

Catering to the increasing appeal of Panama City among Asian buyers in search of a new home base, our focus was to develop a brand that deeply resonates with these prospective homeowners. We embraced a harmonious blend of local charm and global appeal, creating a brand that captures the essence of Panama's rich history while embodying the spirit of its modern transformation.

Passage: Gateway to Panama

Through meticulous research, the name "Passage" emerged naturally as the embodiment of the new residence. Representing both the geographical proximity to the Panama Canal and a captivating narrative, "Passage" became a cornerstone of the brand, symbolizing a gateway to new adventures and seamless connections between worlds.

A new landmark by the Canal

Through strategic positioning and purposeful designs, the property has become an iconic symbol of the city's prominence, capturing the attention of global luxurians seeking a place at the forefront of Panama's thriving landscape.

Taking the lead

In close collaboration with the local client team and architects, we designed the PASSAGE brand as the embodiment of prestige living by the Panama Canal, projecting a fulfilling, cosmopolitan lifestyle with abundant activities for all ages.

A Fluid and Dynamic Visual Expression

The visual identity pays homage to Panama City's vibrancy and stunning vistas. Inspired by the fluidity of the Panama Canal, the logotype, symbolizing the water's path, extends into an amenity pattern. The colour palette draws from the surrounding landscape, its range of earthy tones complementing a deep shade of ocean blue.

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