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Let there be light

Located on the podium of Kerry Everbright City Shanghai, The Lightbox is Kerry Properties’ newly revamped business hub introducing a refreshing mixed-used space to the Su Zhou He up-and-coming neighbourhood.

With wellness at the core, the site’s revamp aims to build an inspiring environment blending business space with nature. We started the branding exercise by finding the name – The Lightbox. It reflects the essence of the project: opening up conventionally enclosed office spaces to let the light in and building a nurturing nest for bright minds to gather.

A garden of life

Not just a place to work, The Lightbox is also an urban oasis where inspirations grow, dreams thrive, and ideas flow.

Let the light shine and brighten our community.

A spark out of the box

The logo design plays with the spark of light blinking outside a box. The rays, connected rhythmically, formed a flexible visual system that captures the motion, mood, and details of a bright, airy, and lush interior while paying tribute to the site's characteristic facade grid.

The natural colour palette evokes a sense of closeness and well-being, inviting the audience to rethink, recharge and reconnect to what matters most.

We developed the project slogan Think Bright to convey the brand's unique proposition - A brighter space for bright minds.

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